5 - 26 October

It is with great pleasure we´re now able to invite you to go exploring the lopsided visual world of Astrid Marie Christiansen.
The theme "OFF" emphasizes how her works often are completely "off", where it can be difficult for us to make sense of what is happening with the visual perception when observing her multidimensional works.
We are lead on an optical journey that is vivid, crooked and experimental, and where you have doubts whether it is painting or sculpture. This is, among other things, due to the frames, which literally are crooked, by virtue of the artists' self-built stretchers, which have become the artist's signature.

Art historian and writer Josephine Fity describes it in the artist's new catalog, which is also launched in the gallery at the opening, like this :
“This 'dance' the art pieces make with the viewer is due to the deliberately lopsided and asymmetrical wooden frames on which the canvases are stretched. They give the impression that the painting is twisting out of its normal square shape and almost transformed into a sculptural object. Objects that allow the eye to wander and discover new dimensions in all the small corners of the painting and arranged tripping. A continuous search and play with colors, shapes and spaces.
You have to physically move out to the sides, bow, take a step forward and maybe one back again to capture it all.
The works are what you are seeing: a constant negotiation between shape and color.
The outcome is an elevating release that breaks with daily life. ”
The artist expresses it herself like this:
"I'm a talkative person. Therefore the painting is me keeping on talking when are no more words left."

Astrid Marie Christiansen was born in 1981 and graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. She works with and is painting with everything from watercolor, pencil, coffee, optical black and white, varnish and pastel colors.

5 - 26 Oktober