Oliver Vernon | Oval II | Acrylic on paper on panel | 152x91 cm


3.2. - 28.2. 2018

Come to Kirk Gallery and help us welcome Oliver Vernon and Chrsitian Calabro, two of the U.S.A.’s most renowned names in modern abstraction, as they visit Denmark for the first time.
The artists are presenting a unique solo exhibition in the gallery and will tell us about the complex artistic world created in their works.
At the opening, the artists will share their experience and knowledge and you will get a chance to hear what they have to say about the current tendencies in abstract contemporary art – and maybe even get the chance to pose a question or two of your own.

Both of the artists are looking forward to the exhibition and have put an enormous amount of energy into preparing a completely unique exhibition. Laying out layer upon layer, they create an impossible amount of dimensions that connect to make a universe that is like a sea of multi-faceted, independent worlds.

With or Without, is a collaborative exhibition, brings together artists Oliver Vernon and Christian Calabro for the first time at Kirk Gallery.
Coming from different countries (Vernon: US, Calabro: Switzerland) and having studied different disciplines (Vernon: painting/sculpture, Calabro: graphic design), the two artists converged in a Brooklyn loft with adjacent studios in 2001. With parallel interests in art history stemming from Kurt Schwitters and early Modernist movements, their creative kinship developed over years before the artistic collaborations began in 2010.

Their work plays with the intersection of intuitive gestural mark making and hard edged design elements while mixing a rigid abstract formalist approach with a reverence for the absurd. Their process is spontaneous, seeking to capture a moment free of preconceptions. Tight craftsmanship is as much an ingredient as absolute looseness, giving the artists a freedom to push the boundaries of perceptual norms.

The work presented in their first collaborative show is a testament of the true value of friendship, trust, and the passion for image making. Their collaboration can be viewed as a dialogue between two different sets of thoughts and techniques, merging effortlessly into a unified, universal language.


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February | 3 - 28


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