Kathrin Longhurst’s visual language collides with the starting point of her own journey, as a child of the cold-war era, who has been to both sides of the iron-curtain. The contrast between war-propaganda imagery and glamorous promises of the other side of the wall, have been the inspirations of her early works. Longhurst reconsidered war propaganda aesthetics with ‘flying’ female warriors, in place of fearsome male figures of power. Her early works aim to bend the visual paradigm of men and women at war, imposed by the patriarchal power structures of the past. Longhurst’s initial approach is self-observational, rewriting the recent history to empower the idea of a gender-equal future.

‘Volatility’ has been given a new meaning with the arrival of the digital age, as the nuclear fear of the past has been suspended. Longhurst’s interest in the ethics of progression has inspired her to track the footsteps of other women’s journeys, to understand the future-challenges of digital natives. Women’s struggles are an important part of the undocumented history of our civilisation, carrying meaningful information to help analyse the mistakes of recent history and to avoid any fallacy of progression.


Indoctrinated, Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Sydney

Standing Strong, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Fighters and Dreamers”, Gallery One, Gold Coast
Flights of Fancy, Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Sydney

Ode to Femme, Gallery One, Gold Coast
Protagonist, Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Sydney
Into Thin Air, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

Fading History, Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Sydney

Heroes and Villains, Art Equity, Sydney

Women of the Revolution, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne
Children of the Revolution, Art Equity, Sydney
Dear Comrade…, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Melbourne

Dreams from Down Under, Dabbert Gallery, Florida

Intimately, SOHO Galleries, Sydney

Arthouse Hotel, Sydney

Tighes Hill Gallery, Newcastle
La Belle Vie, SOHO Gallery, Sydney

Divas, Salmon Galleries, Sydney


The Darling Prize 2020
Archibald Prize 2018, 2021 (winner Packing Room Prize 2021)
Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2017
Sir John Sulman Prize 2012
Percival Portrait Painting Prize 2016
Portia Geach Memorial Prize 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 (winner People’s Choice Prize 2017), 2018, 2019, 2020
Black Swan Prize 2008, 2009
Mosman Art Prize 2009, 2012, 2016
Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award 2008
Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize 2018
KAAF Art Prize 2013, 2017
Willoughby Art Prize 2003
Northern Beaches Art Prize 2020 (winner open category 2020)