Thierry Carrier was born in 1973 in Bort-les-orgues, France and lives and works in Souillac south of France.

In 1992, he got his baccalaureate of Applied Arts in Aurillac (France). From 1993 to 1995, he studied at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse (France) but he quit his studies because he realized that they didn?t fit his expectations. From 2000 to 2004, he worked as a technical assistant at the FRAC Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand (France) (assistant of Philippe Cognee, Carlos Kusnir, Bruno Perramant, Luc Tuymans, James Reilly, or Helmut Dorner among others, for the production of their shows). In 2005 he worked for 3 months as a technical assistant for the installation of the exhibition "llya Kabakov" at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary art Les Abattoirs in Toulouse (France). Since 2006, he has been a member of the Maison des Artistes.

This is what the artist says about his work: "Today I practice, through a sensitive reading, a "comprehensible" art. The characters represented in my canvases, (which are often my own representation) are in no case anchored in a geographical recognizable space. The paintings have no title and this way, do not meet the usual codes of a portrait maker. We are faced with various situations of a state, a world of silence, a simple representation of the human being, a being in suspense and unfathomable, a painting reflecting my own aspiration to silence."

Born 1973 in Bort-les-orgues, France
Lives and works in Souillac south of France


1992: BAC F12 Applied Arts in Aurillac (France).
1993 -1995: Toulouse School of Fine Arts (France)


30 years of Espace Vallès, contemporary art space
Espace Vallès (St Martin D'hères, France)
Héros, Bayart Gallery, (Le Touquet, France).
The New Portrait, STOERPUNKT Gallery, (Munich, Germany)
Pougatch Gallery, (Paris, France)

Albane gallery (Nantes, France))

LASECU's 15th anniversary", LASECU Contemporary Art Space (Lille , France)

Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild (Paris, France)
Le portrait, miroir de l'âme? The Portrait, mirror of the Soul?" Twentytwo Gallery (Lyon, France)
Cité de la mode/ City of fashion with La RZG Gallery, (Paris, France)

Art Fair, Art O’Clock with the RZG Gallery, La Défense, (Paris, France)
Group exhibition, TWENTYTWO Gallery (Lyon, France) April / May 2013: “PASSENGER”, Compagny of the world Gallery/ Galerie de la Compagnie du Monde (Paris, France)


Retraite silencieuse / Silent retreat
Prieuré de pont Loup / Priory of Pont Loup, (Moret -sur-loing, France)
ENIGMA, Saint-Pierre des Minimes, Bayart Gallery, (Compiègne, France).
TWILIGHT ZONE, l'Imagerie Gallery, (Toulouse, France)

Garde-Fous /guards, Chapelle St Libéral / St Libéral Chapel, invited by the" Labenche Museum", (Brive, France)

Chambres d'Hôtel / Hotel room, l'Aiguillage Gallery (Paris, France)
Albane Gallery (Nantes, France)

Pougatch Gallery (Paris, France)
Catherine Manguy Gallery (Lyon, France)
Sanctuaires / Sanctuaries, Ulrike Petshelt Gallery ( Kassel, Germany).

Musée d'Art Populaire /Museum of Popular Arts (Draguignan, France)
LE MIX Gallery, (Mourenx, France)
Courcelles Gallery (Paris, France)
Le QU4TRE (Argenteuil, France)
Les écuries /The stables (Aurillac, France)

Si nous sommes muets, je ne suis pas sourd #2 / If we're dumb, I'm not deaf # 2" l'Aiguillage Gallery (Paris, France)
Si nous sommes muets, je ne suis pas sourd / If we are dumb, I am not deaf" l'Ane bleu Gallery (Marciac, France)