Jacob Brostrup (1973), is educated from the Danish National School of Design in Copenhagen and has within the last ten years, achieved wide recognition for his work, characterized for his complex ability to bring out light in his multi-dimensional imagery. In this period the artist has also achieved wide recognition abroad and the international art magazine, Hi-Fructose Magazine, describes it like this:
‘Jacob Brostrup’s oil paintings overlap background and foreground, that create a dream-like journey into the unknown. Figures and the real world blend with both unruliness and precision in carefully designed works that are characterized by the artist’s incredible use of color and depth.’

"Time and repetition of aspects of reality have always been fundamental elements in Jacob Brostrup’s figurative and epic paintings, with powerful colours and intricate compositions. For 20 years, these works have sent the viewer on a journey in familiar interiors and city spaces with motives that surprise and often seem to be composed differently than first expected.
Brostrup himself uses colour to create contrast and tension and he works with this connection almost like an abstract painter and transforms color into mood, atmosphere and feeling. At the same time, the equal representation of surrealistic, abstract elements in his motives can be likened to Edward Kienholz’s works, where the figurative and known are blended with something more bizarre and symbolic.
You might say that Brostrup creates a new time in his works, and he characterizes it as showing how a period of time is made up of more than one time.
This is how he is aware of changing the make up of time in his paintings: ‘In reality every period of time encapsulates a host of other periods of time, or timelines, if you will. If you could reflect that in a painting, you also reflect life’s complexity."
- Connie Hansen
1990-1994: Educated chef
1998-2002: Student at The National School of Design, Denmark
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Galleri Kirk, Aalborg, Denmark
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Galleri NB, Roskilde, Denmark
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"City Lights", Galleri NB, Viborg, Denmark
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"Another View" Galleri NB, Roskilde, Denmark

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Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling

Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling

Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling

Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling

Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling

The Danish Arts Foundation
Kunstgalleriet Stavanger
Galleri A, Oslo
2013 Trekroner Plejecenter og Lindelunden, Roskilde
2012 Colas Foundation, Paris
2011 Murmal Aalborg
2010 Region Midt, Viborg
2010 Forum Advokater, Roskilde
2010 Forum Advokater
2007 Støvring Gymnasium, Støvring
2006 Bjergsnæsskolen, Viborg