Ancient Rites and Rituals, Begun Again

15 January - 5 February

It is with great pleasure we are now able to present a new solo show from Ian Francis, being one of the pioneers shaping the urban movement coming out of the UK scene late 2000s.
Together with artists like Conor Harrington and Chloe Early, who were informed by the urban scene without being bound by it, they contributed to shaping a new urban expression where they were inspired by the urban street art scene but more involved in painting bridging the gap between Fine Arts painting and new urban movements.

About the show the artist tells the following;
“In this show I wanted to explore the dissonance of returning to regular patterns of life after the forced hiatus of the recent lockdowns and pandemic.
I've always been interested in the strangeness of the moment of history we're living through.
There are so many things that I take for granted and give little thought to, despite them being unique to our current time. Despite the relative brevity of the lockdowns, returning to that world after spending time away from it can seem jarring, the customary patterns of the pre-pandemic world strange and unnerving.
I'm not interested in depicting quarantines or COVID, but I am interested in the perspective the time period gives to our everyday lives, the isolation, detachment and uncertainty of the now.”