'People at Sunset have Shadows one Mile long'


9 - 30 September

It is with great pleasure we are now ready to welcome the Spanish artists Iñigo Navarro and Rafel Bestard for a duo show.

Iñigo Navarro Dávila (1977), of Madrid, paints in a classic figurative style – evoking the essence of the grand masters of painting - and surprises by adding a postmodernist, darkly humoristic twist with his unhinged, surrealistic motives.
"My feelings about Art in general are much indebted to the great classical masterpieces. I could almost say, without exaggerating, that I was raised in the corridors of the Prado Museum. Over the years, I have pondered about why and what I, as an artist, could contribute with to the larger world of Art. At this stage in my professional development, or so it seems, I have acquired a comfortable balance between artistic technique, conceptual investigation, narrative depth, and an underlying sense of humour in all of my present work.

Rafel Bestard’s (1967) figurative works are essentially studies in classical French painting technique combined with contemporary aesthetics. Through the years his sensual, textural works have examined folklore and mythology in a dreamlike or disturbing fashion, weaving dream and nightmare, seduction and psychopathy.
“There’s no doubt that there is some kind of real world outside our minds, but we know about it only through our experience - an experience that includes not only the direct information we receive through our senses, but also knowledge, memory, fantasy, imagination, dreams…. Conformism limits the experience of the world in every day life, but we can feel that there is something else, and that is just there, in the joints of the armored commonplace that imprisons us.”

- Rafel Bestard