Murals and show

Nils Westergard (US)
Timo von Eicken (D)
Michal Mráz (SL)

31.8. - 22.9.2019


As a lot of you probably have seen already a lot of new murals have popped up this summer as part of Out in the Open 2019.
Right now American Nils Westergard has just finished a new beautiful mural, and therefore will be present at the opening at the gallery when showcasing new works.
Based in Richmond, Virginia he started doing graffiti when he was 14 creating stencils and freehand works in which he focuses on the nature of the authority, influences of his friendships, and unspoken communications.
His murals are often large in size, have a painterly character and are usually black and white. In this way the mural attracts attention, but at the same time it flawlessly fits within its surroundings.


As a new artist in the gallery, Timo von Eicken will also be attending the opening of the show.
Watching his work develop enormously the last few years, we have been looking forward to presenting his work at the gallery for the first time.
Timo von Eicken was born and raised in Hamburg, where he still lives and works today, where the metropolis has remained his primary source of inspiration.
Educated in graphic design his earlier work was more graphically inspired, while his work today is based on figurative painting, often expressed in strong stories full of paradoxes.
For the upcoming show the main theme has been “facing your fears”.


Last but not least we’re looking forward to showcasing new works from Michal Mráz, already loved by many of the friends of the gallery.
Michal Mráz' work bridges the gap between modern stencil realism and urban contemporary expressing himself in multiple layers trying to get a grip of the human being trying to find it’s place I a very chaotic world full of paradoxes.
The finished result, a highly charged picture, electric with a life of its own, froze in time, as if against it’s own will.

Nils Westergard (USA)
Timo von Eicken (D)
Michael Mráz (SL)
31.8. - 22.9.2019