How does the way we interact and communicate today affect our relationships?
A hurried man riding into an @ with an old fashioned letter in his hand on his way to deliver it to a friend or loved one.
Today, our modes of communication have drastically changed.
If there is something important we would like to say, we send an email, text, or other digital message instead of an old fashioned letter - with all of the advantages and disadvantages therein.
The artists wish to connect the past with the present and get us to think about what influence this has had on the way we live.
At the same time, it is very important for them to note that there are postal workers on bicycles, since they noticed the many cyclists in Denmark and hope that the people will recognize themselves in the work and feel that it is theirs.

Explore the latest mural at the Out in the Open mural project by KIRK Gallery at Danmarksgade 29, Aalborg, Denmark.


It is with great pleasure we're now continuing the "Out in the Open" mural project of the gallery spreding high quality urban art to a large amount of people - out in the open.
For a long time we have been following the upcoming French stars RATUR (Arthur Maslard) and his brother SCKARO (Oscar Maslard), impressed by their ability to bridge the gap between graffiti and modern realism.
With razor-sharp technique they manage to draw a parallel to the old masters taking classical painting into contemporary.
The 2 French artists, born 1983 and 1985 in Le Havre, made their first mural already in 2001. Since then the've made many murals and have had shows worldwide.
We are very happy that they're now visiting Aalborg making a large mural and showcasing new paintings at the gallery.
You'll be able to watch them work from the 16th to the 25th of August, at Danmarksgade 29, Aalborg, besides exploring their work on canvas as well at the gallery.

Big thanks to all the sponsors who supported the project:
Aalborg Kommune, C. Flauenskjold A/S, Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond, Loxam A/S, Cafe Peace, Cafeministeriet, Nadias, Spiret
Mural & paintings

16. - 30.8. 2017

Mural // Danmarksgade 29 | 9000 Aalborg