22 September - 20 October

It is with great excitement we're now opening a double solo show with the very talented young artists Michal Mráz (SK) and Ratur & Sckaro (F), who have been working hard in the studio to present new solo shows.

MICHAL MRÁZ | "Lethargy"

Michal Mráz' work bridges the gap between modern stencil realism and urban contemporary.
Originally he studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.
His present body of work consist of contrasting narratives. Each work encompasses multiple layered stories, ideas & metaphors, all while on one painted surface.

About the show he tells the following:

"Lethargy sometimes seems to have become part of our lifestyle in this century, where people are caught in situations that appear superficial while containing the bitter taste of absence of spirit and emotion.
It's about the desire for physical things and distorted needs, and the belief that the goal is the amount of things, as well as being led, controlled and classified.
In his art works, the person in front of an absurd number of physical objects, and thus in transposed sense, often appears at the front of the image - demands made for oneself.
The exhibition is a further development of the theme the artist has worked with in recent years in relation to the pressure man is under due to his own laws and needs.

RATUR & SCKARO | "Lightened Souls"

For quite a while we have been following the 2 French street artists RATUR and his brother SCKARO, impressed by their ability to bridge the gap between graffiti and modern realism.
With razor-sharp technique they manage to draw a parallel to the old masters taking classical painting into contemporary
Their work is a mix of hyper-realism and surrealism which is achieved through depicting the human form in a type of broken reality.

About the show the artists tell the following:

In this graphic and modern application of oil painting exploring the complexity of colors and light, the contrasts between clarity vs. darkness and classicism vs. modernity are opposed. Through play of light, and its impact on the characters and objects, the two painters explore complexity of the mind, but also the relationship between the body and the spirit. Light, and its relation to the subject, is very important in these compositions - sometimes cold, sometimes hot, the colors are in opposition and create harmony between the omnipresent characters and their environment.

22 September - 20 October