'Be A Mensch'

Mural & solo show

It is with great pleasure that we are about to open a new solo exhibition with the highly profiled Case Maclaim, who has jumped down from the lift on Hobrovej in Aalborg to open a solo exhibition at KIRK Gallery.
When you are a fully booked mural painter requested worldwide, it can be difficult to find time to go into the studio.
It is therefore with great pleasure we're now able to open a solo exhibition with the artist.

Case Maclaim about the show //


“With the pressure of creating a solo show, you have to know what you wish to express. I am so used to create murals on the spot, in different settings, different countries, all while being judged and looked at by bystanders and visitors, fans and neighbours. Working in the studio has become really challenging and very different and lonely at times. The similarities in both my indoor and outdoor works, is that I wish to create not only a canvas or a mural, but a chance for the viewer to tell their very own story, with my paintings as a source of inspiration. The topic I chose for my current canvases is Being A Mensch. A Mensch, is someone with a noble character, a person of dignity and a sense of responsibility. A Mensch is someone, I desire to be. A Mensch is what I want all my canvases to represent.
I painted all eleven canvases with the intent to show what being a Mensch means to me.
Stay Humble,
yours truly, Case”

Right now you can also follow Case Maclaim in the process of making a new mural at Hobrovej 46 in Aalborg.
Widely recognized as one of the world’s leading photorealistic aerosol authors, each of his works is a unique piece of art and can be discovered throughout the world.
Painting both murals and on canvas, Case holds one of the most extraordinary techniques known within urban art.

His images are based on the re-presentation of body shapes and photo-realistic portraits.
He focuses on the body which he abstracts from its human origin to make way for narrative, monstrous, animalistic or mythic elements. The usual ideal of beauty is replaced by bizarre-controversial characteristics, which are vexing but simultaneously fascinating.
Also the world of emotions is traced perpetually: uncertainty, melancholy and the constant fight of being a human are broached as the issue. The figurative subjects impress by their perfect execution and their excellent mixture of pictorial pureness and high narrative value.

Andreas Von Chrzanowski aka Case Maclaim was born in 1979 and grew up in East Germany, now based in Frankfurt.

3 - 24 September