Robert Proch (b. 1986) is a painter, muralist and animator who lives and works in Poznan, Poland. He was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland.
He was already wildly popular, despite his young age when he graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan at the age of 25. In fact during his study, he had major exhibitions in both Europe and the United States. This is because Robert already had his own unique picturesque language which represents numerous stylistic expressions.

Proch's style is inspired by state-of-the-art animation as well as classic caricature. And also impressionism and modernist graffiti. The mini-narratives he paints, examine the modern human condition using vivid colours and tangible emotions. Sentimentality, ambition, fear, loss, hubris, greed and friendship play their roles in snapshot dramas set in coffee shops and shopping malls; or during pregnancies and suicides.
His works are dynamical and presents an emotional reality that remains pleasing and easy to identify with.

Academy of Fine Arts i Poznan, Poland.

Thinkspace Projects, CA (USA), Nexus II
FROM DUSK TIL DAWN // Kirk Gallery
ART HERNING ART FAIR Kirk Gallery, Herning Denmark
ON THR MOVE group show, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg Denmark
URBAN ART FAIR Openspace Gallery, Paris France
GRAND OPENING groupshow, Mirus Gallery, Denver USA
SHIFTED TAGS groupshow, Villa Streccius, Landau Germany

BOCCIONI +100' GROUP SHOW /National Gallery of Cosenza, Cosenza Italy
URBAN CURRENTS group show / Kirk Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
IT'S FRAMED group show / Brain Damage Gallery, Lublin, Poland
ABSTRAKT FORUM group show / Pawilon Letni, Kraków, Poland
SAP group show / Willibender Crew, Walldorf, Germany
SCOPE ARTFAIR BASEL / Kirk Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
URBAN ART BIENNALE group show / Volklingen Germany
POLISH URBAN ART group show / Trafo Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
SCROLL ERA solo show / Openspace Gallery, Paris, France
AFFORDABLE ARTFAIR /Willibender Crew, Hamburg, Germany
SCOPE ARTFAIR MIAMI / Kirk Gallery, Miami, USA

CROSSING THE LINE solo show / Wunderkamern gallery, Rome, Italy
SCOPE BASEL ARTFAIR / Kirk Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
GHOSTS OF THINGS TO COME group show / Pretty Portal Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany

BRUTALISMOPOLIS CHRONICLES duo show with Chazme 718 / KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
URBAN SPACE group exhibition / KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
545 DAYS solo show /Openspace Gallery ParArt Copenhagen’ artfair, Copenhagen, Denmark
Grand Opening Openspace Gallery, group show Paris, France

WHERE TO GO TO? group exhibition / Gallery KIRK, Aalborg, Denmark
ART HERNING / Gallery KIRK Herning, Denmark,
LES ENFANTS DE KUPKA group show / Puteaux City Hall Gallery, Puteaux, France
REWIRE GRAFFUTURISM group show / Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
JEDNAKOWO RÓŻNI group show / The Outsiders Gallery, Newcastle, United Kingdom
LAND WITHOUT FOOTPRINTS solo show / Lazarides Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Exhibition at Gallery KIRK, Aalborg, Denmark
CRUNCH group show / The Outsiders Gallery, Newcastle, United Kingdom
PUBLIC PROVOCATIONS V group show / Colab Gallery, Weil am Rhein Germany
SCOPE ARTFAIR / Schwalbe & Schwalbe Gallery, Basel, Switzerland
URBAN LIFE’ GROUP show /KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
TURN THE CORNER solo show / Openspace Gallery, Paris, France
L’AVERNIR GRAFFUTURISM group show / White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, USA

Groupshow, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg
Between Dimensions, Lazarides Gallery, Newcastle
Second Auction of Polish Streetart, Galeria Hotelu Harenda, Warsaw
Beyond Walls, Antonio Prates Gallery, Lisa bon
Stroke 06 Artfair, Praterinsel, Munich
Escape the Golden Cage, Wienna
Wild At Heart, Thinkspace gallery, Los Angeles
Unfrisierte Gedanken, Intoxicated Demons Galerie, Munich
Time Lags, Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler, Warsaw

First Polish Auction of Streetart, Rempex/Galeria Senatorska, Warsaw
COME INSIDE / Street art Doping Festival, SOHO Factory, Warsaw
GRAFFITI VS. STREET ART / Brain Damage Gallery, Lublin, Poland
STROKE 05 ARTFAIR / Postbahnhoff, Berlin
URBAN TACTICS / Design Terminal, Budapest

ARTFAIRS STROKE 01, STROKE02, STROKE 03 / Monachium, Berlin, Germany
NEUE AVANGARDE / Berlin, Munich, Germany
PLAYGROUND / Galeria ZAK, Gdańsk, Poland
JAZZ IN FREE TIMES / Openlab Gallery, Genova, Italy

ABSOLUT goes ART / Munich, Germany
KUNST IM TRESOR / Munich by Intoxicated Demons, Germany
THE WORLD OF URBAN ART / Galleri JenZen, Aalborg, Denmark
Soloshow / Galleri JenZen Aalborg
EURO JAM2 / Lublin, Poland
STROKE.01 / Urban Art Fair, München, Tyskland. Official Keyvisual and video.
International Urban Contemporary Art show, Gallery JenZen, Aalborg, Denmark
Soloshow / Gallery JenZen, Aalborg, Denmark
EURO JAM2 / Lublin, Poland
STROKE.01 / Urban Art Fair, München, Tyskland. Official Keyvisual and video.