10 year anniversary //


Murals & group show //

1st April - 1st July

Martin Ron
Cristian Blanxer
Curtis Hylton
Telmo Miel
Ian Francis
Chloe Early
Helen Bur
Case Maclaim
Fintan Magee
Martin Whatson
Anders Gjennestad
Augustine Kofie

It is with great pleasure that we now launch the 10th edition of the 'Out in the Open' mural project.
It is unbelievable that it has been 10 years since we introduced the first murals.
All the murals have had a large impact on the city of Aalborg, opening up the city to a large number of national and foreign communities, including National Geographic with whom the gallery made a documentary in 2021.
At the same time, the city vibe has changed into a more vibrant and colorful art scene.

It has also been an incredible pleasure to see how the citizens of Aalborg have taken the murals in, making them their own, feeling pleased to have something beautiful to look at every day. The murals have become something they can relate to and something that brings joy to their everyday lives.
Our aim with 'Out in the Open' has been to share the joy of art with everybody and not just the few who stop by the gallery.
To push art "out in the open" and make it accessible, so as many as possible can get a feel of what it means to live with art on a daily basis and the joy this gives.
To celebrate our anniversary, we've invited 17 of the world's leading urban artists to take part in a huge group show. In addition, some of them will create new murals as well.
To begin with, you'll be able to follow French Swed working on a new mural in the yard of the gallery at the opening.

Welcome to an amazing show.