Fintan Magee is a Sydney based social realist painter, specializing in large-scale murals. Born in 1985 in Lismore, New South Wales, to an architect mother and father who was a sculptor, he started drawing at a young age. His earlier large-scale paintings often inhabited the isolated, abandoned and broken corners of the city, and today are found all over the world including in London, Vienna, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Buenos Aires, Aalborg, Copenhagen, Moscow, Rome, Jordan, and Dublin among others. Many of the murals that Magee has made around the world often depict topics of societal concern with outset in the town or country he is working in. As part of the ‘Out in the Open’ mural project of KIRK Gallery, this resulted in the outstanding mural 'Structure'.

Magee’s practice is informed by a profound interest in political murals, inspired by exposure at a young age to those of his Father’s native Northern Ireland. This is reflected in the socialist nature of his public artworks, which combine journalistic elements with public art. Magee’s work is driven by his recognition of the power of murals to communicate political and social viewpoints and thus divide or unite communities.

Magee puts it like this:
‘Looking back, I realised that, in particular, the big art institutions and artists themselves weren't really connecting with working people. When I started painting murals, I saw that as an opportunity to just reconnect with people who don't have "capital A" art as part of their daily lives in a way that feels natural. I feel like that disconnection is kind of intentional, particularly in Australia and Britain, and reinforces the class system.’

Drawing from personal experience and the mundane, his figurative paintings are deeply integrated with the urban environment and explore themes of diversity, migration and transition, waste and consumption, loss, and the environment. His works exude an inherent sentimentality and softness influenced by children’s books and the Low Brow art movement.

In recent years, Magee has solidified his position as one of Australia’s leading public artists and has traveled extensively, completing projects in countries across the world, including Belarus, India, Jordan, Spain, Tahiti, USA, among many others.

Magee has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, Juxtapoz Magazine, ABC News , The Australian, The Urban Contemporary Art Guide (2014, 2015), Street Art Australia (Lou Chamberlain), Graffiti Art (FR) Home & Design : Trends Magazine, Surface (Soren Solker) (DK), among others.


2009 Bachelor of Fine arts- Griffith University, QCA

Days grow longer, KIRK Gallery, Denmark

Nothing makes sense anymore, Backwoods Gallery, Collingwood, Australia

The dry, Thinkspace Projects

Waves, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris

The Backwaters, Rome, Italy

Orcanic, Rexromae Gallery, London

Storm Water, Tate Gallery, Sydney

Paper Planes, Rtist Gallery, Melbourne
House of Giant, Jugglers Gallery, Brisbane


Urban Fractions, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark

Urban Fragments, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark
10 year anniversary | Out in the Open, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark

URBAN CURRENTS, Kirk Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark

Inside out, KIRK Gallery, Denmark

Up The Wall, KIRK Gallery, Denmark

On The Move, KIRK Gallery, Denmark
Vitality and Verve II, Long Beach Museum of Art

Re-discover, Bunbury Regional Gallery, Bunbury

The pitiless Gaze of hysterical Realism, 999 Contemporary, Rome, Italy
L’echange urbain, Judy Roller Gallery, Melbourne
Scoop London / Saatchi Gallery, London Stockroom, Tate Gallery, Sydney

Northern Exposure, Ambush Gallery, Sydney
Tents in the Clouds, Word of Art Gallery, Cape Town
Neon Golden, Above Second Gallery, Hong Kong
Print and Staple, Tate Gallery, Sydney

7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Brisbane
Rinse and Repeat, Ambush Gallery, Sydney
Four Letter Word, Tate Gallery, Sydney
Street dealing, Gardu House Gallery, Jakarta
50/50, Jugglers Gallery, Brisbane

Sofles and Fintan Magee, Hole in the Wall Gallery, Perth
Confines, Just Us Gallery, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
Past Moderism, Cockatoo Island, Sydney
The Boroughs Art Prize, Globe Headquarters, Melbourne
Cathartica, Bleeding Hearts Gallery, Brisbane
Love Street Bandits, Lo-Fi Collective, Sydney
Contraband, White Canvas Gallery, Brisbane

Fly on The Wall, Fort gallery, Brisbane
Smith Street Art Prize, Smith Street Gallery, Melbourne
District 9, Fort Gallery, Brisbane
A3 Small Art Show, For Walls Gallery, Melbourne
All good Things come in three´s, Jugglers gallery, Brisbane