Painting is, for Argentinian Martin Ron, a way of living, something he has been doing since he was a child. He started when he was ten years old, as a game, with friends, at school and in the streets. Guided by a good taste for art, he continued with his passion for painting without even knowing that this would take him around the world, performing his art in a lot of big cities worldwide.

Martin is always looking for new ideas that challenges traditional art, that is why his works is full of new colors, combined styles and new concepts that make his art unique.
Born in the province of Buenos Aires, the walls in the streets of Tres de Febrero were the starting point for Martin to think and develop his art.
By now you can find his art in the city of Buenos Aires, other provinces in Argentina, and countries like England, Spain, the USA, Turkey, Russia, Australia, Belgium and Denmark among others.

Being a large-scale artist, he is constantly improving his style, and a world of fantasy can surprisingly appear in front of a passer-by in a giant piece of art on the wall of a high building.

As a Muralist and artist on canvas, Martin paints elements of real life, as he sees the reality around him. Once his art is complete on a wall of a city, or on a canvas, that piece of work does not belong to him, but rather, to society. A kind of dialogue and interaction starts, according to him, between people and his art, where freedom to interpret is allowed and welcome.


Urban Fragments, KIRK Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark