Onur Dinc (1979) is a rising star in the Swiss photorealist scene. Based in Solothurn, though with Turkish roots, the artist is part of the photorealist scene.This fascinating style of art has brought Onur's work to a new level. He mostly paints using acrylic rollers and with the help of brushes. An experimental use of UV-light sensitive paints or solvents has produced astonishing effects in his large-scale works. Onur employs an impressive play of color nuances. Pictures are painted in delineated spaces in a single color, while managing to retain a photorealistic character. Through the use of both matte and gloss mixes of the same tones, an image is created that only emerges in its full detailed splendor when hit by light in a certain way, flashing up as the viewer walks past, and revealing a mysterious outline when viewed from a distance. In 2013 he created together with the Swiss artist Wes21 a big work at the 5 Pointz Building in New York City, which gave him a huge publicity. In 2014 he participated the Richmond Mural Project in Richmond (VA). Onur grew up in Zuchwil in Switzerland’s Solothurn canton. After leaving school he completed training as a painter, followed by an apprenticeship as a theater painter in Solothurn. Onur then trained as a graphic artist at the advertising agency FAVO in Basel, going on to work in the profession for a year in Bern. In 2007 and 2008, he returned to the theatre, this time in Lucerne. Since 2008 he has worked as an independent painter.


1979 Born in Solothurn, Switzerland

1986-1995 Primary & Secondary School in Zuchwil, Switzerland

1996-1999 Education as Painter in Solothurn, Switzerland

1999-2003 Education as Scenic Painter at City Theater Solothurn, Switzerland

2003- 2006 Education as designer at Favo Ad Agency, Basel, Switzerland

2006-2007 Freelance designer in Bern

2007-2008 Scenic Painter at Theater of Lucerne, Switzerland

Since 2008 Freelance artist in Solothurn, Switzerland

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Sichtwechsel, SOON Gallery Bern, Switzerland

2012 Christine Brügger Gallery, Bern, Switzerland

2012 The Trace Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

2011 SOON Gallery Zurich, Bern, Switzerland

2010 Undplus Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions

2015 Kirk Gallery, Aalborg, Denmark

2014 Art Whino Gallery, Oxon Hill, Washington DC, USA

2014 Coming Soon, SOON Gallery Zurich, Switzerland

2013 Mannheim – Solothurn, Stadtgalerie Mannheim, Germany

2013 Mannheim – Solothurn, City Museum, Solothurn, Switzerland

2013 Katapult Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2012 Chimera Project Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2011 Warehouse, Manegg-Areal, Zurich, Switzerland

2011 VeryContemporary, PROGR, Bern, Switzerland

2010 Cu(t)bus, PROGR, Bern, Switzerland

2010 Artyou, Basel, Switzerland

2009 Artclash, Zurich, Switzerland

2009 Christine Brügger Gallery, Bern, Switzerland

2009 Artig, Basel , Switzerland

2009 Jungkunst, Winterthur, Switzerland

2008 Artsouk, Bern, Switzerland

Misc. Projects

2014 Richmond Mural Project, Richmond, USA

2014 Urban Nation Mural, Berlin, Germany

2013 Elementi Sotterranei Mural, Gemoa del Friuli, Italy

2013 Laboratorio Actividades Criativas, Lagos, Portugal

2013 Save 5 Pointz, Mural, New York City, USA

2012 FAKT Mural, Art & Music, Basel, Switzerland

2011 Mural for the Opening of the new tram line Zurich-West, Zurich, Switzerland


2015 Advancement Award of Regiobank, Solothurn

2012 Advancement Award of Regiobank, Solothurn

I apprenticed as a painter in my late teens. Then I studied set-design for four years in Solothum and graphic design for another three in Basel. - See more at: http://streetartnyc.org/blog/2013/05/29/speaking-with-onur-dinc/#sthash.D9xREFg7.dpufI apprenticed as a painter in my late teens. Then I studied set-design for four years in Solothum and graphic design for another three in Basel. - See more at: http://streetartnyc.org/blog/2013/05/29/speaking-with-onur-dinc/#sthash.D9xREFg7.dpuf