2 - 30 March

Known for her ability to bridge the gap between classical painting and urban contemporary, Helen Bur brings the technique from the great masters into contemporary painting on canvas as well as murals.

Her work can be found on walls across the globe from Brazil to India to the USA & Europe where she has participated in various notable projects and festivals. She has had solo exhibitions in the UK and Spain and has been part of group exhibitions worldwide. She co-directed the ‘Empty Walls’ street art festival for 2 years in the UK alongside running ‘The Abacus’ a multifunctional creative art space in the center of Cardiff, noting the important role active community engagement continually plays in her work. She now works with the internationally based arts collective Void Projects, coordinating and collaborating on projects worldwide as well as more locally with FOUR_ Collective in London.


‘Connection is the feeling of landing in the present tense’ - Kate Tempest

It is with great pleasure that we now can present a new collection of works by British artist Helen Bur, 12 paintings on linen and 16 small studies on panel.

In antipode to the ever faster scrolling immediacy of our current culture, Helen invites the viewer to collectively ‘exhale’ through the slow talking medium of oil paint. These works capture small moments of paused contemplation and connection amongst the chaos. Figures half-hidden under a pile of toys, or locked in a knotted embrace, ambiguous but present in their stillness.

We are reminded of the post-covid longing for re-connection, closeness, and touch. Entangled bodies pointing to the complexity of the needs of support, both mentally and physically, we have from others. An embrace is one of the most universal symbols of connection and vulnerability and the act itself, much like painting, transgresses the written or spoken language.

With connection to infinite distraction at our fingertips, we are often elsewhere.
So, slow down, land, spend a minute, deep breath in and … exhale.