Ronit Baranga
Martine Johanna
Jana Brike
Joel Daniel Philips
Lukifer Aurelius
Rafel Bestard

It is with great pleasure we are now able to present a new group show at the gallery continuing the theme ‘At the Edge of Realism’.
At the show you’ll find a mix of painting and sculpture with 6 highly recognized artists known for their unique interpretations at the edge of realism.
In a real/surreal imaginary we'll find each of them digging into warped narratives each telling their stories of very individual imaginaries in exquisite handcraft.
Fear, joy, love, anxiety depicted with lots of empathy and exchange of unspoken words. Emotions and repressed feelings that are often better said in silence.
The characters in the artworks allows us to contemplate all these in a new language.
In this way the artists create masterfully rendered figurative work with a contemporary twist bridging the gap between Fine Arts and New Contemporary.

1 - 29 October