KIRK Gallery features international contemporary art showcasing the latest currents within the new contemporary art scene in a line-up that bridges the gap between fine art and the new contemporary movement.
The artists are all selected based upon this vision and their unique conceptual ability.

The gallery also contributes to beautifying the local area with its "Out in the Open" mural project.
Launched in 2014, the gallery aims to bring art out of the gallery and into the streets, adding beautiful art to the everyday-lives of all citizens and not just to the few visiting the gallery. To break away from a museum setting and have street art of the highest caliber accessible to the public.
For the project, a significant number of large-scale urban art murals have been added to the cityscape of Aalborg by highly-esteemed international artists.

KIRK Gallery is a gallery with an international reach and a collaborative approach, organizing projects and shows for museums and other gallery partners as well as participating in art fairs in Denmark and abroad.

The gallery has been in operation since 2008 and is run by Lene Kirk and two assistants.
Monthly exhibitions are displayed at the 200 square metre gallery, located downtown Aalborg, Denmark.