KIRK Gallery features Danish and international contemporary art, striving to showcase new waves and expressions within the young contemporary edgy art scene. Both within the established contemporary art scene, as well as the upcoming urban expressions.

The purpose here is to present powerful and visionary art by young artists, in a lineup between a high technical level and young urban expressions.

Our artists are selected within this conviction, based on their unique conceptual ability and their visual line of work.

The gallery has existed for 10 years, and is run by Lene Kirk and 3 assistents. Monthly exhibitions are displayed at the 200 squaremeter gallery, which is located in the centre of Aalborg, Denmark.  

The gallery is also very much involved in making a large number of murals in Aalborg. As part of the "Out in the Open" mural project in 2014, the gallery could showcase highly recognized international artists, among others Conor Harrington, Faith47, WES21 etc.

More about the project

Furthermore KIRK Gallery organise projects and shows with museums and other galleries, as well as participating at art fairs both in Denmark, and internationally.