With the project 'Out in the Open' KIRK Gallery has begun a long series of large-scale wall paintings, created by high-profile international street art artists.
The wish with the project is to get art of the highest international quality to the many and not just the few in an easily accessible way. To get art "out in the open", where as many as possible can get an experience of what it means to live with art on a daily basis, and the joy this gives.
With the Murals the city's residents are encouraged to come out and take part in the society around them from an artistic point of view. They will experience a cohesion and a unique story about people, art and culture in the middle of their immediate area, where it is crucial for the mural painters to tell something precisely about the area where the mural paintings are located.


The Argentine worldknown MARTIN RON is currently doing a mural at Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center. (June 1 - 16)

Big thanks for the fantastic cooperation to AKKC, Malergrossisten Aalborg and Restaurant Flammen

Cristian Blanxer | Teknisk Gymnasiums schoolyard on the roof of Friis.

Spanish Cristian Blanxer has just now finished a great mural in Teknisk Gymnasiums schoolyard on the roof of Friis.

Big thanks to Friis, Malergrossisten Aalborg, Phønix Hotel and Pita House for the collaboration.

10 year anniversary //


Murals & group show //

1st of April | 12-2 PM

Martin Ron
Cristian Blanxer
Curtis Hylton
Telmo Miel
Ian Francis
Chloe Early
Helen Bur
Case Maclaim
Fintan Magee
Martin Whatson
Anders Gjennestad
Augustine Kofie


On National Geographic you'll now also be able to follow Lene Kirk on her bicycle with a drone on her tail riding from one mural to another, after filming the murals of 'Out in the Open' with the American TV channel for the last year.


Helen Bur (UK)

Smug (AU)

Bosoletti (AR)

Case Maclaim (D)

Curtis Hylton (UK)

Case Maclaim | 'Heart Is Aching' | Hobrovej 46, Aalborg | 2022

'Heart Is Aching'

Case Maclaim has just completed a mural titled ‘Heart Is Aching’ for the 9th edition of KIRK Gallery’s ‘Out in the Open’ series. This is his second mural in Aalborg following ‘Carnival is Cancelled’ which he created back in 2020. And as an extraordinary feat, Case Maclaim managed to paint this latest mural whilst simultaneously finalizing preparations for his first solo show in five years, ‘Be A Mensch’.

“The similarities in both my indoor and outdoor works is that I wish to create not only a canvas or a mural, but a chance for the viewer to tell their very own story, with my paintings as a source of inspiration. The topic I chose for my current canvases is Being A Mensch. A Mensch, is someone with a noble character, a person of dignity and a sense of responsibility. A Mensch is someone I desire to be. A Mensch is what I want all my canvases to represent."


Big thanks to Plus Malergrossisten, Loxam, Helnan Phønix Hotel, Kompas Hotel, Cafe Friends, Aktuel Cafe and Ejendomsselskabet Nordlyset ApS

Helen Bur | 'Barrier' | K. Christensens vej 2L, Aalborg | 2022 | Photo: Fleron Fotografi

Just finished mural from the amazing Helen Bur as the first one of the 8th edition of ‘Out in the Open’ of KIRK Gallery.
It was such a pleasure having Helen here, and we are very happy to present her new mural ‘Barrier’.
About the mural the artist tells the following:

“This mural was created on P. Jørgensens Maskinfabrik in Aalborg, an old machines factory that first opened in 1918.
The First World War provided a gateway for women into the industrial and engineering workforce as they were offered higher salaries, government-sponsored childcare and specialised training.
During this period many women gained economic independence, more personal freedom and a greater sense of their own worth. However, as soon as the war was over, in the interest of men having jobs to return to, women were swiftly removed from these positions through media propaganda, closure of childcare and discrimination.
This piece is a homage to those women whose contributions to engineering maybe have been restricted, unwritten or erased due to systematic barriers and obstacles of prejudice.”

Helen Bur (b.1990) is a British artist currently based in London, working between the UK and on the road. Using traditionally influenced techniques in figuration, she works with both her own images and collects from the vast pool of ever expanding found imagery, to embrace paintings role and ability to provide a contemporary social narrative.
Helen’s work can be seen adoring walls across the globe from Brazil to India to the USA & Europe where she has participated in various notable projects and festivals.


Big thanks to Loxam, Plus Malergrossisten, Aalborg Apartments, Jan Højer Pedersen and Scheelsminde

SMUG | Vestre Fjordvej | Aalborg | 2022

Vestre Fjordvej | Aalborg

Known worldwide for his hyper-realistic artwork, Australian born Smug has just finished another large scale work in Aalborg.
SMUG is working entirely freehand, using aerosol cans alone and achieve incredible photorealistic portraits through spray paint.
In his playful, edgy pieces he leaves the viewer in a contemplative state of mind forgetting about time and place.
The artist was born is a small Australian village three hours away from Sydney, being a part of the street art environment in his young days.

Big thanks to Lykkebo A/S, Loxam A/S, Plus Malergrossisten, Kompas Hotel, Milling Hotel Gestus, Café Ulla Terkelsen London and Din Vitaminbar.

Bosoletti | 'The Allegory of Peace' | Holbergsgade 9 | Aalborg | 2022

'The Allegory of Peace'

Argentinian artist Bosoletti had also just finished his piece for this impressive series. Bosoletti is known for his poetic murals where he captures human elements and parts of nature in pixelated imagery as if it was negatives from old film. The piece, titled ‘Allegory of Peace’ depicts a giant angel with a snake at its feet.
Working on a brick wall always presents a challenge, but in this case the raw wall was the perfect background for the monochrome art.

- Hannah Judah | Street Art United States

Big thanks to City-Ejendomme Aalborg, Loxam A/S, Plus Malergrossisten, Cabinn Hotel Aalborg, Café Ulla Terkelsen London and Burger Beast.

Curtis Hylton | 'Moose and a Goose' | Kongerslev (Lille Vildmose) | 2022

'Moose and a Goose'

British artist Curtis Hylton, has also completed a mural for ‘Out in the Open’. Last autumn, the artist was invited to the little town of Kongerlev situated just outside Aalborg. KIRK Gallery was specifically looking for an artist specialising with flora and fauna in their imagery for this particular mural, due to Kongerlev’s close proximity to ‘Lille Vildmose’ nature reserve.
Curtis was keen to see a moose during his initial visit to Kongerlev and this became a decisive motive in his ’Moose and a Goose’ mural.

- Hannah Judah | Street Art United States

Big thanks to Plus Malergrossisten, Kompas Hotel, Café Ulla Terkelsen London, Penny Lane Cafe Aalborg and SuperBrugsen Kongerslev for helping the project.

Telmo Miel | 'Growing Wiser' | Klostermarksskolen | Aalborg | 2021

'Growing Wiser'
Telmo Miel //

"The painting depicts a girl, reading multiple books with as many hands as she needs to hold them.
Some books have been read, and stacked on top; There wisdom is gathered, symbolized by the owl.
Around the corner is another one behind the books she’s reading, as hidden new skills to obtain."

Augustine Kofie | 'Ekkolokation' | Reberbansgade 33 | Aalborg (Fleron Fotografi) | 2021

"“I am very pleased to present Ekkolokation, my contribution to the Out In The Open 2021 mural festival curated by Kirk Gallery. I was first approached by the gallery to contribute to the festival over a year ago, but Covid postponed my travel until August 2021. When Lene proposed the mural’s location, I did my usual research via Google maps to locate the wall and observe its multiple vantage points onto the neighborhood. It was a unique location, with its confluence of paths, pedestrian walkways, one-way roads and a train line system all intersecting at the foot of the wall. I created a hand-drawn illustration incorporating the architecture of the building, its windows, the triangular rooftop and rectangular base. I also took into consideration the community of rooftops of neighboring homes that seem to echo down the block.

Ekkolokation is an abstract composition that highlights 4 triangular shapes echoing each other near the top of the wall, all shadowing one another, lit up from different angles by varied light sources. They come together like the multiple paths that converge upon the site. Structurally complimenting the angles of the home's rooftop, the 4 triangles are supported by several transparent level squares, which in turn echo the bottom part of the building. Another point of convergence can be found at the foot of the mural, where the lines all seem to bounce downward toward a confluence, a meeting place. Two partial, transparent, circular forms weave through the mural. One acts as a halo around the center of the design, bringing a feminine form to contrast the linear forms, and creating another point of convergence here. The second, smaller circle echoes the larger one, but uses the lower right corner of the wall as its center point, the junction to all of the foot paths of the street.

I designed the mural on the basis of these two concepts, echo and convergence, which have visual, sonic, structural and social articulations, allowing the mural to echo and speak to the city and to highlight and amplify this site of convergence.”
- Augustine Kofie


Big thanks to Malergrossisten, KLU Materiel Nord og Kompas Hotel for helping the project.

Joe Iurato | 'Good Luck, Kid' | Gammeltorv | Aalborg | 2021

'Good Luck, Kid'
About the mural Joe Iurato tells the following:
“Because I work with stencils, creating a mural at this scale is well planned out ahead of time and calculated precisely. A lot of the work for it happens in my studio prior to arriving at the wall. After I’ve conceptualized and illustrated the artwork, I need to scale my composition up to actual size and create the templates. The stencils for the mural are cut from sheets of paper that form the individual sections of each layer. Then, when I’m on location, I reassemble them on the wall in tiles, like a puzzle or grid, and spray. This step is done repeatedly, typically 5 or 6 times per mural to give the piece depth and details.
When I saw photos of the wall early on, the very first thing that grabbed me was the obvious metal vent that runs the height of it. I love to create site specific works and saw the feature as an opportunity to have my painting interact with its environment. So, rather than try to work around and compete with the pipe, I became very excited with the prospect of working with it. And that became the starting point for the story I wanted to tell.
A common recurring theme in my work are the wondrous, curious and mischievous adventures of childhood. Things get so serious and difficult as we get older, sometimes I need to step back and away from my present self and revisit a simpler time. Right now, it’s easy for me to achieve because I watch my own children and their friends as they are growing up. They are often the subjects and inspirations for the works. In this case, the kid climbing the building is my youngest son, Maddox. Overstuffed backpack full of essentials and a monocular fashioned of cardboard, he’s off to somewhere. Where? I’ve no idea.”

Big thanks to Klu Materiel Nord and Wagner Ejendomme ApS.


Street Art News


Big thanks to Klu Materiel Nord and Wagner Ejendomme ApS for helping the project.

Innerfields | 'Pioneer' | Gammel Skørpingvej 35 | 2021

About the mural 'Pioneer' the artists tell the following:

Our world is an endless cosmos of miracles, not least to the children living in it.
On their own and free from prejudice, children explore the universe with lots of curiosity and passion. Conquering the world from a playful point of view shapes new imageries every day.

In the last year, children have been confronted with much worry and anxiety due to a year where the pandemic has been the general rule for our everyday lives and how we were meant to behave, not least affecting the circumstances of how to be a child.
Due to these circumstances, it has been important for us to create an imagery to give children the courage to keep on looking at the world in a playful frame of mind, far from anxiety and fear and keep on creating their own imagery. To maintain their own interpretation of the mysterious world we live in to create a brighter future.”

Big thanks to Vivabolig and Cowell Hotels for helping the project.

INTI | TAIÑ MAPU / Our Land | Nørregade 31 | Aalborg | 2021

TAIÑ MAPU / Our Land
Telling about how the mural ‘TAIÑ MAPU / Our Land’, came to life, INTI wanted to refer to the relationship between Denmark and Chile and how both countries are very focused at environmental issues and how the preserve nature and original cultures.

"While beginning this mural in Denmark (a country known for its environmental policies), the Mapuche people in Chile continue their historic fight for their land. The mural in Aalborg explores the common ground existing between two distant cultures.
Where there mainly seem to be differences, both countries maintain a relationship of respect and harmony with the land we inhabit living in us.
Today more than ever we have to learn from those who have managed to live in balance with our ecosystem."

Inti Castro, artistically known as INTI (meaning sun in Quechua), is one of Latin America’s foremost street artists and an artistic ambassador to the world. Coming from a family dedicated to the arts and music, he started tagging the streets of his hometown Valparaiso at the age of 13. Working on the street gave him a freedom to explore from the earliest days of his artistic practice. Yet whilst the wall was his natural medium, he also went through formal artistic studies at the Fine Arts School of Viña del Mar. There he acquired the rigor and training of a professional painter. Life experiences and his street practice rounded off his formation.

Big thanks to Plus Malergrossisten, Nordjysk Lift, Cafe Good Life Society and Kompas Hotel Aalborg for helping the project.

Langesgade 9 | Aalborg | Denmark | 2021
Søndergade 60C | Aalborg | Denmark | 2021


'Rock Climber'
On a 18 meter high and narrow wall Martin Whatson has just finished his second mural downtown Aalborg as part of the sixth edition of the mural project ‘Out in the Open’ of the KIRK Gallery.
Bridging the gap between spontaneous graffiti and sharply cut stencils Martin Whatson has created one of his first murals this year due to the severe travel restrictions around the world.
Mixing the two techniques in many layers two powerful pieces have come to life in the streets of Aalborg.

Case Maclaim | 'Carnival is cancelled' | Hadsundvej 59 | Aalborg | 2020

'Carnival is cancelled'
The “carnival” has been cancelled globally in the spring of 2020.
The whole world has been locked down with an enormous effect on all lives, events and businesses.

Within this context Case Maclaim has made a new large mural in Aalborg, Denmark as part of the ‘Out in the Open’ mural project of KIRK Gallery, portraying a women wearing her "happy face" in a clowns costume.
She thought she was going to the carnival.

As one of many events the biggest carnival in Northern Europe held in Aalborg, Denmark since 1983 with around 100.000 participants, has been cancelled.
When arriving in Aalborg getting an impression of what was the life of the citizens there, the conversation quickly turned into talking about the unique character of a carnival like this, and how it works as an “equalizer” between the people.
Or as Case Maclaim put it:
“A carnival is something special because it is an event where all are equal. It is the only time of the year where everybody gets to be the same – rich or poor, CEO or student, man or women, since everybody is dressed out to be something different.”
But for the first time ever this got cancelled.
The carnival in Aalborg then became a metaphor to the artist of the current situation in the world.

Big thanks to Plus Malergrossisten, Nordjysk Lift, Kompas Hotel Aalborg, Nybolig Palle Ørtoft and Aalborg Kommune for helping the project.

Seth | "Jack in the Box" | Østerbro 41 | Aalborg | 2019
Seth | "The Phoenix" | Østerbro 22 | Aalborg | 2019

"The Phoenix"

"Jack in the Box"

Big thanks to Flügger farver and Nordjysk Lift for helping the project.

VHILS | Christiangade 1A | Aalborg | 2019 | Photo : Vhils Studio

Scratches the Surface of Denmark

Fintan Magee | Tove Ditlevsenvej 36 | Aalborg | 2019


Big thanks to Flügger farver, Nordjysk Lift and Plus Bolig for helping the project.

Oliver Vernon | Løkkegade 12 | Aalborg | 2019 | Photo: Layercake Media

Big thanks to Flügger farver, Nordjysk Lift and Anettes Sandwich for helping the project.

Telmo Miel | "Exquisite Waste of Time" | Hjulmagervej 55 | Aalborg | 2019

"Exquisite Waste of Time"

Big thanks to Nordjysk Lift and Flügger farver for helping the project.

Joram Roukes | Final Cut | 2019
Bispensgade 8-10 (in the yard) | 2019

"Final Cut"

Big thanks to City-Ejendomme Aalborg, Smykke-Form and Rammen Aalborg for helping the project.

Conor Harrington | Helgolandsgade 18 | Aalborg | 2015

It was a pleasure to have the Irish muralist Conor HArrington here who brought to life this beautiful monochrome artwork depicting one of his signature colonial characters.

The area chosen for the artist turned out to be the perfect site for one of his large scale murals.

As he mentioned – the buildings at the street made the perfect surrounding for his work being an area of classical architecture.

With this as a background the ancient history of the work gets emphasized even further and underlines the context even more.

The mural is placed at Helgolandsgade 18.

Artist biography

The mural in "Street Art News"

In Danish paper with much more photos


Big thanks to Aalborg Kommune, Mette Flauenskjold/C. Flauenskjold A/S, Industrivejens Maskiner ApS for helping the project.

ONUR | WES21 | The big Catch | Dannebrogsgade 43 | Aalborg | 2015

Also the two swiss street artists Wes21 (f.1989) & Onur (f.1981) has just finished a large scale mural at Dannebrogsgade 43; " Big Catch”.

With the selected theme the artists want to touch the subject; "Who’s actually catching who and is getting the benefit of who?

The big fish is getting catched by the fishing boat – but so is also the boat – and the big fish also seems to be bate at the same time…

On the way to Berlin and after just having finished a big piece in the U.S.A., the two artist works intensely for a week in the pouring rain to get the work finished.

"Street Art News" about the mural

Biography Wes21

Biography Onur


Big thanks to C. Flauenskjold A/S, Industrivejens Maskiner and Fokus Folkeoplysning for helping the project.

Guido van Helten | Eternitten | Aalborg | 2015

Just finished work by the Australian street artist Guido van Helten.

The work can be seen at "Eternitten" in Aalborg, as a part of the story of the worker at the old eternit factory that was once here, which for many years had great significance for many people in the city. Inside the silo there will then be established a workers museum, telling the story of the site.

The project has been developed in cooperation with Søren Enggaard A/S, The city of Aalborg, the Mayor's Office, C. Flauenskjold A/S and not least Birgit Elgaard and Arne Schade.

See more about the artist here

TV about the project

Robert Proch | SEPE | Mayday Mayday! | Ladegårdsgade 1A | Aalborg | 2014

Accelerating at an enormous speed the two polish artists Robert Proch and Sepe has for the last few years expanded their work both at the international street art scene besides at exhibitions worldwide.

In the spring of 2014 they both participated in the Out in The Open Mural project making the large scale mural; Mayday Mayday!
After preparing for the wok and reading about how Denmark consists of many low-laying areas which easily could get flooded in case of increased global warming they created the mural 'Mayday Mayday!' with two figures looking out for help while the water raises and the symbolic windmills raises in the background.

The mural in "Street Art News"

Biography Robert Proch

Biography Sepe

FAITH47 | Godsbanen | Aalborg | 2014

Located in the rejuvenated freight and railroad district, the mural reflects on the working-class history of the site. It depicts a worker that was part of building the railroad int the 1800. With her very caracteristic strokes Faith47 has managed to make another amazingly strong portrait as part of the history of the place.

The Mural raises clearly along the Øster Allé bridge in downtown Aalborg.

Despite her young age of 35 years FAITH47 has already received much recognition for her work, which now is represented worldwide and has made murals in China, Germany, USA, South Africa and many other places.

FAITH47s success is largely due to the way she is faithful to the surroundings of the murals and the history here. She does not create random works, but works that are related to the specific place.

More about the artist and her work

BEZT | Meeting her Parents | Absalonsgade 34 | Aalborg | 2016

The Polish street artist Bezt has done some incredible murals around the world and we are very proud to present him in Aalborg, Denmark.

Together with Sainer, they are the Etam Cru and have put Polish street art on the map with their incredible large-scale pieces that can span buildings 10 floors high.

Besides his street art and murals BEZT also do fantastic canvas work using oil and acrylic.

Street Art News about the mural

More about the artist


Big thanks to Aalborg Kommunes Kunstfond, C. Flauenskjold A/S, Scandic Hotels, Restaurant Papegøjehaven, Frugt Karl, TN Udvikling A/S, Nordjysk Lift, Din Vitamin Bar and Cafe Ulla Terkelsen London for helping the project.

Joram Roukes | Østergade 51 | Gedsted | 2018

Inspired by the surroundings of the beautiful nature in the area and the very friendly folks in Gedsted taking him in, Joram Roukes has managed capturing the people communing with nature, the ecosystem and all the breeding animals walking freely around in the area such as pigs, goats, deers and more.
Intrigued by the way of life and the incredible helpfulness and hospitality of the inhabitants living in a small cabin in the woods right by the water, Joram Roukes ended up becoming a part of the society feeling inspired to paint a large mural on a 26 m high silo at the entrance of the town, besides working on new pieces at his cabin.
The 900 inhabitants of Gedsted will never forget about him and took him in like one of their own while he was there.

HERAKUT | "Your Stories make me forget about these Prison Bars"  | Østeråparken | Godsbanen | Aalborg | 2018


It is with great pleasure that we’re able to present the first mural in Denmark made the amazing duo HERAKUT.
The German duo consisting of jasmine Siddiqui (Hera) and Falk Lehmann (Akut) started cooperation in 2004, and has now just completed a 50-meter long mural on the railyards downtown Aalborg "Your Stories make me forget those Prison Bars".
A child’s imagination befriending dragons make her fly away to another world..

Characterised by their narrative style and their ability to lead the viewer into the imagination, a window opens into the mind of a child’s dreams in the middle of a parking lot downtown Aalborg.
Expanding the horizon on the railyards at ”Godsbanen”, leading us into a new world, pausing for a minute in the hectic everyday lives.

While HERA is a classically trained artist and works with a combination of medias, AKUT is self-taught and works solely with spray. In the intersection between the two talents, these two artists have created a distinct expression that, today, is known in the streets and alleyways world over.

The imaginary world the subjects in their works often find themselves in the context of social factions and communal limitations embedded in verses of romance and love. The degree of contrast is endless, where a child-like dream world is often embodied with animalistic characteristics.


Big thanks to all the sponsors who made the project possible //