Johan Barrios (b.1984) is a Columbian-born artist living and working in Houston, Texas.
His career started at the Academy of fine arts in Medellin, Columbia and his succes later on led him to the United States, where he is based today.

As a generel character Barrios has a unique ability to express powerful human emotions in a stroke, a color palette and a composition, with a fineness and sensitivity that can be difficult to describe. A tenderness that hits so strongly it can be hard to stay on your feet in meeting them.
Besides the incredible technique in his work and the unique ability to make us feel when studying his mysterious absorbing paintings and drawings, he has been touted as one of the most significant young visual artists of today.

"I believe that my work, in recent years, has had a profound interest in the subject matter that does not have any type of modification and that also resists voluntary movement. Based on this concept, I have grouped a collection of works that are presented under the title of “Inercia” (inertia). I think that during the process, each of these pieces presents a sculptural sensation in which the bodies are used as inanimate objects coupled unconsciously by their own weight. There is always a visible interaction manifesting between the subjects, objects in their presence, and the space they have found themselves in. The conversation that takes place becomes intriguing and surreal. My current project presented at Kirk Gallery, “Inertia”, consists of six large paintings, each a moment in time of an accidental relationship."
- Johan Barrios

Graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia.


2019 "Inertia" KIRK Gallery, Denmark
2017. "Adormecido". Anya Tish Gallery. Houston, TX
2016. "Intervalo" Art League of Houston. Houston, TX
2016. The Happening of an idea, Barcelona, Victor Lope
2015. "Ejercicios de Ruptura". Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo. Barcelona. España
2015. “Método”. Galería Duque Arango. Medellín Colombia.
2012. "Este espacio está reservado solo para usted". Cámara de Comercio. Medellín- Colombia
2008. “Múltiplo común”. Galeríe b-146. Zúrich-Suiza.


2019. Art Herning, Denmark, KIRK Gallery
2019. Group show Realisms, Barcelona, Victor Lope
2019. Art Karlsruhe, Germany, Victor Lope
2018. North Art Fair , Aalborg, Denmark, KIRK Gallery
2018. 212 Fifth ave atelier collection, Axiom fine art, NY,USA
2018. 44 Artists from Texas. LHUCA. Lubbok, TX
2018. Art Karlsruhe, Germany, Victor Lope
2018. Swab Barselona, Spain , Victor Lope
2017. Duets 2.0. Fort Works Art. Fort Worth, TX
2017. Scope Art Basel. Victor Lope Contemporáneo.
2017. The Moleskine Project. Spoke Art. SF, CA.
2017. London Art Fair. Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2016. Contemporary Istanbul. Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2016. Art Fair Houston. Arcadia Contemporary.
2016. Crossroads, The London Art Show. Victor Lope Contemporáneo.
2016. "Drawn To Greatness". Arcadia Contemporary. L.A.
2016. "Radical Home". Salt Fine Art. Laguna Beach, CA.
2015. "Second Sight". Booth Gallery. NY
2015. "MUTE". Galerie C.O.A, Montreal Canada.
2015. "Versión Original". Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo. Barcelona.
2015. Art Copenhagen. Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2014. SWAB Art Fair. Barcelona España. Galería Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2014. Art Fair Cologne. AlemaniaGalería Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2013. Casa Arte Madrid. Madrid España. Galería Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2013. Exposición Colectiva. Barcelona España. Galería Víctor Lope Arte Contemporáneo.
2012. Esta sala es un John Cage. Sala U Arte Contemporáneo. Universidad Nacional. Medellín. Colombia.
2010. 42 Salón Nacional de Artistas. Independientemente. Curaduría
Inversiones. Barranquilla. Colombia.