Chloe Early
James Bullough
Fintan Magee
Ian Francis
Oliver Vernon
Telmo Miel
Case Maclaim
Augustine Kofie

23.4. - 28.5. 2022

It is with great pleasure we are now able to open the largest group exhibition of the year with a total of 14 leading international urban artists.
Many of the these have visited KIRK Gallery in the recent years to participate at the mural project 'Out in the Open'.
With the opening of the new show, you will now be able to explore their indoor work as well.
For many of the exhibiting artists, working on panel or canvas was their starting point, which later on developed to outdoor walls as well.
We are therefore looking very much forward to showcasing their works on the gallery walls as well, welcoming 14 highly profiled international artists within urban contemporary.

While the gallery has been working with most of the artists for quite a few years, we will also present some new artists at the show, among others the highly recognised British artists Chloe Early for the first time.
Furthermore you'll be able to explore the work of Argentinian Bosoletti and French Swed, who will both visit later in the summer for a mural together with a bunch of other artists for the 8th season of the 'Out in the Open' mural project.

We're looking very much forward to seeing you all again.