3 - 23 December

After working together for five years, we are very happy finally to be able to welcome Johan Barrios, who's finally able to travel and visit all of his collectors in Scandinavia.
With his 4th solo show at the gallery he explores the universe of drawing, recognized as one of the leading drawers within this expression.

About the show Johan Barrios tells the following:
"For me drawing is related to a type of visual silence that lacks any type of noise and exterior distraction. Perhaps, it is due to its nature, its fragility or its monochrome language or just the simplicity with which the drawing builds complex ideas. I wanted to build a silent space where the images in this exhibition are submerged in their own territory, as if the characters were holding their breath for a moment and freezing in an ephemeral moment in time. Many of these images are presented as constant encounters and searches of a narrative of my unconsciousness."

“This exhibition strives explore the subjective greatness of the being that is freed from any weight and embarks on a lightness that distances and isolates it from all kinds of emotion and expression. The figures are almost sculptural, inanimate objects that lack any chromaticism or distraction. As they pass through the space that frames them, they find themselves colliding with each other. Every piece has as a dreamlike scenario where the dream is the place where these “encounters” happen.
My work uses the drawing as a medium that allows me to explore my continuing interest in concepts such as time, movement and space, as well as the notions of solitude and intimacy. Starting from a permanent balance between the materiality of the processes and the definition of figuration in the contemporary context.”